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Jesus Christ

These are recent words of inspiration received by the President of the Twelve. You may want to post them on the Apostles' Corner. I know that it was due to my seeking "to do the will of the Father", which sent me to you.

The Purpose of Life

I have been taught that the two primary reasons for this existance are 1.) to receive a body of flesh and 2.) to return to the Father. Through our free agency we have the ability to choose from among many different paths. I have come to the realization and understanding that to say "I am born again" to my brothers and sisters is much easier than to actually live it. I love my Savior more than words can describe; I have created a mantra that I try to use every day: "The greatest purpose in life is to serve the will of the Father. Our Father in Heaven loves us more than we can imagine. By seeking His will, we are drawn closer to Him. Loving the Father is an attitude that should be reflected upon twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Being a servant to the Father is not a once a week duty, but a life-long commitment. Only by bringing Him into our every thought can we hope to do His will.
So, if the greatest purpose in life is to "serve the will of the Father", how do we do that? For me, I have learned that seeking His word through all good books is a must. I must first put the knowledge into myself that the Holy Spirit can do a work inside of me. Without these words of knowledge, the Spirit is missing that essential tool to change me and raise my spiritual level.
The next two elements of "seeking the will of the Father" are prayer and pondering. Prayer is the communication that must be used because of our free agency. Without our seeking the Father's guidance, He is bound by His laws that He will not go where not invited. Also, by prayer, we learn how to show respect and love, which opens our hearts to Him.
Through pondering his words, we allow the key element of time to change us and teach us internally. Words fail to describe how the Spirit come inside us and does a wonderful work in showing us the higher principles of life.
Though I am a sinner "nevertheless I know in whom I have trusted".
There is no greater purpose than to serve the will of the Father.

Your brother in Christ
President of the Twelve
Apostle of the One Mighty and Strong
I might add that the ordinances of the Priesthood bring about a quickening of the process described above.


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