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Authority of the Seventy

"And he sent seventy others (other what, if not apostles?)" Luke 11:10

(Author's note: Luke was a Seventy, as well as Paul and Barnabas and Sosthenes, etc.)

Authority of the Seventy as necessary and sufficient to set in order the House of God.


This is an excerpt from a letter to Odgen Kraut in answer to the question he presented as to whether there was a superior order of priesthood than that to which I have been ordained, and the Lord gave me revelation upon the subject: there is no higher office in the Priesthood than that which is named in this epistle, and the Patriarchal Priesthood is an outshoot or ramification of this highest Order of Priesthood in heaven or on earth, there is none other name given for the salvation of the human family. Patriarchs being ordained by this one superior office in the Priesthood, which is the Apostleship. There is no greater authority in heaven or on earth than this Priesthood. I received this knowledge while writing this epistle and it is verily true, I testify, in my Father's name. Any other teaching is false doctrine and ought to be condemned, for it creates much confusion. I, in this epistle demonstrate to the satisfaction of a child, the validity of my position, again which position I received by direct Revelation to me upon the subject. This is an excerpt from a letter to Ogden Kraut in which he said that I could not be the One Mighty and Strong because I had not been ordained to the Patriarchal Priesthood. My Father, I also thank thee that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and the prudent and given them unto babes.

As for the assertion which you make concerning the supposedly higher orders of Priesthood than that which I have already received, I tell you in the name of God that there are no others higher than that which I shall name, in the sight of God, at any rate, for this is what he hath revealed unto your humble servant. I am frankly surprised at your lack of understanding of the Priesthood of the Son of God. I ask you, my poor Ogden, where is it that this Patriarchal Priesthood is conferred and the order of it elucidated in its fullness? Is it not done in a Temple dedicated unto the Most High? This Order of Priesthood was mentioned by the Prophet Joseph as found in TPJS," and that more concerning this priesthood would be later revealed when a Temple would be reared, in the which it would befitting and proper that this Order which is Patriarchal which is the Order handed down from Father to Son from the beginning, even Father Adam. Now I ask you, by what authority were Temples raised wherein this Priesthood could be righteously revealed? I will tell you by what authority they were raised and by what authority this supposedly higher Order of Priesthood was revealed: It is the Apostleship. The Apostleship is the highest Order of Priesthood in Heaven or on earth and it circumscribes everything else and all other parts or ramifications proceed out of it and nothing else, saith the Lord God of Israel. What was Joseph Smith ordained to when he received authority to build temples, and administer the ordinances and Orders of the Priesthood with all their offices and callings, administrations, sealings and in addition which gave him power to ordain, raise up and regulate the affairs of the Kingdom of Heaven? It was the Apostleship and nothing else. All Priesthood is merely parts or ramifications proceeding from the Apostleship and nothing else. The only office which is greater than a Patriarch is an Apostle, for an Apostle ordains a Patriarch and no one else has the authority to do so, a Bishop does not, and Elder does not, it is mythology and no where can it be substantiated scripturally, in any of the writings of Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, John Taylor, in any of their teachings that this is the case. But I have a more substantial account of it than anywhere else, you learned hypocrit, I have received it upon direct Revelation to me concerning the question, for I inquired of the Lord concerning it when I received your letter and my God who hath spoken unto me with power such that my bones quake from the manifestations of his might gave it to me: By what authority are temples raised? The Apostleship. By what authority are men ordained and set apart to officiate in Temples wherein men are taught concerning the Patriarchal Order of Priesthood? Again, by what authority are Temples raised? The Apostleship. By what authority are Evangelists or Patriarchs ordained? It is this Apostleship. And without all contradiction the lesser is ordained of the greater, for an Apostle's office circumscribes that of a Patriarch, or he would not have authority to ordain one. By what authority are the sealing powers wherein the One who is anointed hath power that whatsoever he binds on earth is bound in heaven, by what authority are they in association with? The Apostleship. Do Patriarchs ordain Apostles? No. They have not the authority. Do teachers ordain Bishops, no they do not. They do not have the authority. To what authority was Joseph ordained by Peter, James, and John to officiate in and regulate the affairs of the Kingdom of Heaven? It was the Apostleship. Was he ordained at some later unspecified time to the Patriarchal Priesthood which somehow superseded his ordination to the Apostleship? I say unto you upon Revelation, nay. If this Patriarchal Priesthood proceeds forth from the Apostleship which he received at the hands of Peter, James and John, then this means that the Apostleship surrounds encompasses it and supersedes it ( the Patriarchal Order of Priesthood). I have the keys of the Apostleship. If any man know of my doctrine which I have received from my Father, let him live it. To further corroborate these doctrinal statements, Brigham Young is as good an authority as any, for out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established, for if I stand with him, I am in good company though I need no help, for there are those from before the foundation of the world, greater than Brigham Young, in might, intelligence and power:

“We started at the South East corner with the Apostleship; then the Lesser Priesthood laid the second stone; we bring them in our rank being joined by the Lesser Priesthood at the Southwest Corner, and so on, which the High Priests and Elders laid; we take them under our wing to the North East Corner Stone, which the Twelve and Seventies laid, and there again join the apostleship. (This implies that the Seventies as well as the Twelve, comprised the Apostleship, which office I received under the hands of one appointed unto this power, as Moses received the Priesthood under the hands of Jethro, not God as you claim.) It (the Apostleship) circumscribes every other Priesthood, for it is the Priesthood of Melchizedec, which is after the order of the Son of God. To say that a man is an Apostle, is equal to saying that a man is ordained to build up the Kingdom of God from first to last; but it is not so by saying he is ordained a High Priest (or a Patriarch). (The modern church hath departed from this order in that they now after 1974, have Stake Presidents, who are High Priests only--ordaining Seventy, when it should be the opposite, indeed it is impossible according to D&C 121:36, for it to be otherwise, even if all the Church, as mighty an instrument as it was, should rise up in opposition to the heavens, as is the case, they should all be cut off from first to last.) “The lesser Priesthood, then, you perceive, comes within the purview of the Apostleship, because a man that holds it has a right to act or officiate as a High Priest, as one of the High Council, as a Patriarch, as a Bishop, Elder, Priest, Teacher, and Deacon, and in every other calling that is in the Church, from first to last, when duty demands it." JD 1: 135-136.

And duty did demand it upon the death of Joseph Smith. Brigham filled the shoes and followed in the wake of Joseph Smith, under revelation. Duty demands it when the Lord specifies by direct revelation, as he did to Brigham by enlightening his mind concerning authority which he, Brigham, had to act in the name of the Lord in a hitherto, unprecedented situation. But today we, the Church, face a greater delima than did Brigham, for we are faced, not with the demise of a Prophet-Leader, but a foretold apostasy from the order and truth of heaven in the most perniscious and dastardly manner imaginable, of the presiding quorums of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, in the matter of the Negro receiving the blessings associated with and mingling with the Priesthood of the Son of God, a thing which has been forbidden by every authority, both ancient and "modern", and in other ways because of dark, evil minds, forsaking the above named order.

Faced with the dilema of the disorganization of the First Presidency, what is the order of Heaven with regard to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles? Do they not come under and are directed by the First Presidency? Yes. Do not the Seventy, as your claim, come under the direction of the the Quorum of the Twelve? Yea. As in the case of Brigham Young and the Twelve, who were under the direction of the First Presidency and rightly so, upon the disorganization of the First Presidency, by death, in this case, but as in previous dispensations, as in ancient Israel, it could well have been apostasy, then upon direct revelation, the Twelve, being next in line, the President of the Quorum, would by revelation, take command in the name of the Lord God of Israel, as Brigham rightfully did, despite the claims of Joseph Smith III. Now suppose the Quorum of the Twelve entirely and simultaneously with the First Presidency, should become disorganized, either by death or the stipulations of end of Priesthood mentioned in D&C 121, who would be next in line? It would be the Seventy, even though they are to act only under the direction of the Twelve, but only if the Twelve are organized and agreeable to the Order of Heaven. They then would under direct revelation step forward as did the Twelve upon the disorganization of the First Presidency, and take command in the name of the Lord God of Israel. This would be only the First Quorum of Seventy, and the President of this Quorum would then recieve Revelation from the Lord, authoritatively, for the guidance of Israel, as did Brigham as President of the Quorum of the Twelve. From the Seventy (High Priests are not to be Seventy: Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith) the other two presiding quorums could then be organized, as was the First Presidency by the Twelve, the Apostleship circumscribing the office of the First Presidency. And the Lord tested his Saints at that time to see which ones were obedient to the Spirit of the Lord, as He is testing them with greater or equal validity concerning that unto which I have been appointed from before the foundation of the world. Since the Seventy are Apostles, they too, under authoritative direction from the Lord could proceed to reorganize, by Revelation, both the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the Quorum of the First Presidency.

Now suppose the entire First Quorum had apostacized or were killed by a mob, along with the Twelve and First Presidency, which many claim is impossible, because the Lord would never allow it, then the Lord could by Revelation to an Apostle, proceed to direct and reorganize the Kingdom of God upon the earth, by direct Revelation, with all the keys of the Priesthood encompassed, as Brigham learned by experience and by precept from the mouth of Joseph Smith himself, saith the Lord, but which knowledge was lost in succeeding generations through a gradual apostasy, within the Apostleship which is held and recognized of the Lord by that one faithful Apostle, or Seventy. The Lord could and has directed him and given him the sealing power, which is already, by ordination, encompassed within the Apostleship, the Lord merely by revelation agreeing that whatsoever he would bind on earth would be bound in heaven, etc. He would need no further ordination, as did not Brigham, by the laying on of the hands, except in the matter of reorganizing the other presiding quorums, which I am at present doing in the name of the Lord God of Brigham Young. The other quorums being the First Quorum of Seventy, the Twelve and the First Presidency, which are all absolutely necessary, saith the Lord, for the perfection of the Saints, and the work of the ministry, and shall never in time or in eternity be done away, for this Order continueth in the Resurrrection from the dead, saith the Lord, and shall not be abrogated among the wicked of the Saints of the Most High, by their unrighteous decrees which are not of me, saith the Lord, but must be maintained exactly as set up by my servant Joseph in all holiness before me, saith the Lord.

It is now that I, Art Bulla declare unto the world that such an apostasy has indeed occurred among those whose duty it was to preserve it as handed down to them from under the hands of Peter, James and John, who are Gods, namely because of their great wickedness, the details of which I have received through direct revelation, the which I invite all to examine freely as to its authenticity. Consequently, the Lord has commanded and directed me to begin the work preparatory to the complete restoration of all of Israel among the nations of the earth, among those who will receive of his word and authoritative direction. The rest, saith the Lord, shall be burned at my coming in the clouds of heaven. There are others who can with power testify to the veracity and authority of this work, as witnesses, namely George Robert Allen and others who will remain unnamed at this time. All who ernestly pray concerning these things will receive it also, and I care not if the whole world perish, if they harden their hearts against it, for can they do anything more unto me, that they did unto the Lord's Only Begotten Son?

P.S. The ordination to a "King" which you claim to have received is also circumscribed by the authoritative use of the office of the Apostleship. As for the assertion made by Oliver Cowdrey (He often was somewhat too harsh with the Twelve), that in order for a person to be authoritative, he must have had the saviour lay his hands upon his head to affirm his Apostleship, how do you know I have not? As to this matter, I refer you to JD 1: 121, "A Pillar in the Temple of God--Angels Visit The Earth". Apostle Orson Hyde

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