Jesus ChristLetter From Richard Lewis, President, Church of Christ

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Thanks for your recent letter. It's good to hear from you. I've been worried about you due to El Nino and the severe weather on the west coast. I trust that you are in the hands of the Father.

I have enclosed a message for the Apostles' Corner. Hope it's okay. Please feel free to edit any of my work as is necessary.

I too pray daily for the Branch (see Isaiah 11) to be fruitful. I see the way opening up for this work to roll forth! Yes! I must fight as the boxer in the ring. My weapons are vision, knowledge, wisdom, and the Gifts and Power of the Priesthood that I hold...but most important is my Testimony of the One Mighty and Strong who is Art Bulla! I shall yet declare this to my brothers and sisters. I know that the Tribulation is nigh, even at the doors, and that there will be those compelled to repent. These Rocky Mountains shall be a place of refuge from the storm, as this nation is swept clean.

May the will of the Father be done. May I be an instrument in His hands. I shall not be content; I shall not rest until the Klingdom be established. The Kingdom of God or nothing!

I don't believe that I am hesitating or procrastinating in my calling. I truely see the way opening for the establishing of Zion. My time is spent wisely in preparation for the Great and Terrible day at hand. I see that not many months hence and this work shall roll forth. There is a structure of sorts in place. There is a time for all things. The time is nigh at hand.

Praised be the God of Art Bulla and praised is he who stands a Messiah to this generation of foolish mankind.

Mankind! In your ignorance you are blind to salvation. The way is made clear for you to enter into Eternal Life; yet you refuse to see. Your hearts are set so much upon the things of this world, that you take no thought for the life after death. Well one thing is certain, foolish Gentiles, you shall some day taste of death. Then you shall find that you have wasted the days of your probation and treated lightly the things of the Spirit. Know ye not that you shall reap the rewards of what you have sown? and if you labor for earthly things then you have already received your reward? Look beyond the flesh! Look to the source of all life! Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Thos of you who are aware of the source and who seek the gifts and powers of the spirit; know ye not that in order for you to enter into the Kingdom of the Most High God, you must submit to righteous dominion administered by the legal appointment of the Gods, which is after the Order of the Ancients? Know ye not that the Davidic Covenant is not abrogated in the least by the foolish vagaries of your generations, O ye Gentiles? And there is one, a descendant of David who hath been appointed from the foundation of the world to be your king and deliverer, saith the Lord, who is Art Bulla. He alone is appointed and allegiance to the pillars who uphold the devil's kingdom are primae facia evidence of thievery and lies. You who have an understanding of the workings of the Spirit must set your pride and vain ambitions aside in order to enter in at the Gate. How can we be part of the Kingdom of the Most High God unless we willingly choose to submit as Jesus to John the Baptist, to the chain of command the Gods have established for us? Then and only then are we free to soar to Eternal Bliss to pass by the angels and gods appointed to stand there blocking our path to Eternal Life.

Those of you who are trapped in the web of religious dogma and false traditions of your fathers, awake to a sense of your awful situation! Your false teachers can not save you from the tribulation that awaits this generation. All have gone astray and broken the new and everlasting covenant. All have been perverted by the craftiness of the adversary. And yet the way is made clear for all who would enter in. One mighty and strong (see Isaiah 28) is here now among you holding the keys of life for this generation of fools. Praised be to God, the God of Art Bulla, my deliverer and anointed king!



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