Letters Detailing Circumstances Surrounding Receiving Apostleship, and a Revelation Received When Eight Years OldJesus Christ

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November 24, 1997

Dear Rick,

Thankyou for your letter. “If ye live godly in Christ Jesus, ye shall suffer persecution.”

I am afraid that as long as you are under the thumb of those that have authority as they

suppose, you shall have to be very careful. I applaud your following the spirit in the

“reorganization” that you effected. Always follow the spirit. The devil is supposed to be

limited by the Constitution in his ability to restrict conscience. The Utah State

Constitution specifically says that in matters of conscience the state shall forever be

restrained. Flowery words, rhetoric. The adversary is the Prince of this world, until there

is a people righteous enough to stand back to back and drive him out. Be assured that

every word spoken is being recorded and will be called up in the judgment. It was a

political necessity that Jesus had to teach “turn the other cheek, go two miles, etc.” But

you and I know that he was at heart a great warrior. Therefore we have to be “cunning as

a fox, but innocent as doves”. Don’t court persecution, and I know that you look for

every opportunity to achieve your mission, as I do mine.

By revelation, I have just completed a treatise on Daniel and the Revelation of John

which analyzes these political necessities and their origins and destiny. I am sending this

to you if I can get it printed. I am posting it on the internet. I received a letter from

England, a copy of which I am also sending you. If you want to write Mr. Dawson,

please do. On the website are several downloadable revelations which are electronically

published and distributable very easily. Who knows how far these have circulated by


When I was an Elder’s Quorum President at Ft. Bragg, I had only been in the Church two

years. I received revelation that I was to organize the Quorum into committees, with

respective responsibilities including hometeaching, missionary work, and genealogy. The

committee chairmen were the more humble converts, who were blessed of the Lord. The

Utah faction were very haughty and proud who looked down upon these lowly converts

with disdain as “not of the blood of Ephraim” as they who were born into the Church.

This Pharasaical attitude manifested itself when I released Mike Fletcher (a former A.P.

(assistant to the President) in Brazil, and a marvelous teacher. When he began teaching,

the “keep your eye on the Prophet” infallibility doctrine I noted that his mind was

darkened, but I let him continue to be the instructor. He, however, came to me,

forbidding me as Elder’s President, to organize the quorum as I had done. I said, “Why

not?” He replied, “It’s never been done before.” While he was in my home, I picked up

the phone, and called the Stake High Councilman overseeing the three quorums of Elders

in the Raleigh Stake. I explained to him my efforts and Mike’s opposition. I was willing

to submit to his judgment. He was so enthusiastic about my efforts that he urged me to

continue. About one month later the First Presidency announced the policy that I

received by revelation directly from God was to be the the “new” policy of the Church

concerning Elders Quorums (I had four hundred families under my spiritual charge).

The Utah faction were so enraged, they refused to attend, and drew off about a third of the

quorum to meet privately in their homes. Vaughan J. Featherstone, a general authority

said of President Bartholemew, a white-haired man of sixty or so years, that men are oft

connected to the heavens by a thread, but this man was so pure in heart that he was

connected by a wide staircase. He (the Stake President) took my side, the Bishop of my

Ward held against me, and was very, very phlegmatic in his verbal abuse and sided

politically with the Utah Mormons. They were meeting in their homes! I was called in

for an interview with President Bartholemew. I still remember as I took his hand, a

marked spiritual manifestation occurred which he and I both recognized immediately. He

took this as a sign from God, drew me privately in his office at the Stake Center. He said

that I was being called as a Seventy. I saw this a political move and expressed my fears

that this was a “side-step” of the real issues, for I was determined to follow the dictates of

the Spirit at all costs, and not necessarily the arm of flesh and Mike Fletcher skillfully

taught. He said with some finality “You have no choice.” I bowed my will to those

presiding over me, the Stake, which I had always recognized as legitimate in controlling

Melchizedec Priesthood Quorums. The Bishop presided over the Aaronic Priesthood and

is High Priest Group leader, but the Stake holds the Presidency over the Melchizedic

Priesthood quorums. Therefor I had seen the phlegmatic attacks by the Bishop as out of

order, and motivated by politics, and the Stake as legitimate and moved by revelation.

The Church flew out the only General Authority in modern times, Rex Pinegar, who was

at that time not ordained a High Priest, who was in the First Council of the Seventy, who

was functioning as a Seventy, to correctly ordain me. I was the last correctly ordained

Seventy in the world, for High Priests are not to be Seventies, saith the Lord. The door

was shut about a month later when Kimball, appalled that so much money for plane

fare had been expended of necessity to have just One Seventy ordained, that he dictated

unrighteously that Seventies were from then on to be ordained by Stake Presidents! The

apostasy was almost complete, but I had the keys of the Priesthood by ordination, though

I mourned then over what I saw as a monumental failure on my part as Elder’s Quorum

President. I later learned after receiving my first two written revelations, after having my

nose broken by my hometeacher Randy Olsen in a University of Utah ward, that the

Seventies are all (not just the first quorum) apostles. The Lord said unto me:

“Whatsoever ye bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever ye loose shall be

loosed.” Whereupon I rejoiced and lept for joy, for I was loosed to preach the gospel, and

you were led by the Spirit to partake also. So the persecution that I had earlier endured,

which was most painful, had been used by the Lord to get me ordained an Apostle!

Truely he maketh the wrath of man to serve Him! Continue in the faith, pray always. I

wish you and your associates well in their endeavors. I pray that you may bear fruit, that

Zion may be redeemed. Amen.


Dec 30, 1997

Dear Rick,

I just received your letter today, and I rejoiced in the first pages of your letter,

as your spirit is exactly right. You made several cryptic references at the end

which seemed to echo ideas written of by Plato concerning spiritual ideals which

pre-exist the physical creation. I am sorry that due to the press of tasks to be

accomplished on my monthly trip north for supplies, etc., that I overlooked

sending you possibly the greatest thing that I have ever been commanded to

write. The Lord was in it, and it goes out as a testimony to all the earth on the

internet, whether they treat it with indifference, it is no matter to me, for I am

free of their blood and sins, and it is in fulfillment of Mathew 24, which says that

this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the all the world for a witness,

and then the end shall come. The computer revolution and the internet are of the

Lord. Just think, no Mills Crenshaw or William Jefferson Clinton can shut it

down. This treatise on the Beast of John, and Daniel is the fulfillment of this

scripture, the Lord says. At this juncture, I should like to relate a remarkable

(even if I do say so myself) event when I was eight years old. A Bible lay open to

Mathew 24, in the bathroom, which someone (I don’t know who) had placed

there. For some reason the question presented itself to my mind quite

emphatically, “When shall the end come?” I believed in God with childlike

simplicity, and I inquired within my mind to the Lord. My eyes then were

drawn to the scripture which I have just quoted, and the Lord said, “This is your

answer.” This has always stuck with me through the years, and it shows the

Lord has known the end from the beginning. My his Holy Will be done.

Four days ago I received a revelation for one of the men that I baptised, Tom

Poteer. Next time I write, I will fill you in on the whole story. It’s late, and I

have to get up at four in the morning to make the trip north. Thanks for writing

and sharing your pearls.

In the New and Everlasting Covenant,



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