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Open Letter to Art Bell and UFOlogists

Artis Brent Bulla
P.O. Box 3809
Calexico, Ca 92231
July 21, 1997

Art Bell
Pahrump, Nevada

Dear Art:

You have not seen real power, for while you are raving about UFOs, etc., I judge that you are bigoted against spirituality which acknowledges law while favoring spiritualism which is lawless. UFOlogy is really humanism, after all. I remind you and all humans (or humanoids) of the saying of Hamlet: "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, my dear Horatio." Hamlet, Act I. And the sayings of one who may be ignored on your program because of the errors (and the zeal without knowledge) of sectarianism: "Fear not him who when he hath killed the body, that is all that he (UFOs) can do, but fear him who when he hath killed the body is able to destroy the soul..." Jesus of Nazareth. I also perceive that you are bigoted against what you label as religious ignorance because of the clash and errors of this sectarianism, which I also condemn. But don't throw out the baby with the bath water. On the contrary, one of the Seers of Jacob was shown planets and worlds over one hundred years ago:

Moses 1:35
35 But only an account of this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you. For behold, there are many worlds that have passed away by the word of my power. And there are many that now stand, and innumerable are they unto man; but all things are numbered unto me, for they are mine and I know them.

Moses 1:36
36 And it came to pass that Moses spake unto the Lord, saying: Be merciful unto thy servant, O God, and tell me concerning this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, and also the heavens, and then thy servant will be content.

Moses 1:37
37 And the Lord God spake unto Moses, saying: The heavens, they are many, and they cannot be numbered unto man; but they are numbered unto me, for they are mine.

Moses 1:38
38 And as one earth shall pass away, and the heavens thereof even so shall another come; and there is no end to my works, neither to my words.

I have seen power that is able to move this earth out of its orbit if it desires, in the day that I was caught up to see and hear unspeakable things in the presence of might and glory unspeakable. I refer you to my web site: http://www.artbulla.com.

I have enjoyed your program for years, and delight to follow the intellectual trends (though it reflects the ignorance of the world on subjects of importance which grieves my soul) and the developments for which I consider your program to be a primary source. It usually gives me quite a chuckle. I caught your program on NDE with Dannion Brinkley. You have guessed correctly that Dannion was allowed only the partial picture, though complete in what he saw. There is a legal appointment (the twelve were the Apostles, not a jury, though they are judges, as you remarked) in "this mortal coil" through which revelation comes and "the heavens" will not go around it, for they have made an oath and a covenant which cannot be moved or broken. I exhort you to be aware that "though I, or an angel of light (or Dannion Brinkley) preach any other gospel than that which I have preached, let him be accursed." Apostle Paul, Gal 1:8 No small wonder you do not allow such scripture as this to be quoted (a prohibition which is illegal for it discriminates against the God of Israel). Such quotes as this makes your kind (liberal elitists) squirm in their hypocrisy and discomfiture: hence the prohibition. "He whose deeds are evil cometh not to the light lest he be reproved." Also Mormonism was jubilantly discussing what you Gentiles call NDE over 160 years ago! Only the true science of Theology in possession of by them (fundamental Mormons), possesses the power to bring to light these wondrous mysteries in their true context. Dr. Raymond Moody quoted Brigham Young in his first book. Dannion saw these authorities who stand at the gate, who would not allow Dannion to pass, but bade him to return, to be further tested and tried in mortality, saith the Lord, to see if he and you, you great big fool, would be obedient to all things whatsoever the Lord his God should command him, for this is the purpose of life and the great test To see if you and he would possess light sufficient to love all other light presented to the mind and chase darkness from among you. For "light and truth forsake that Evil One" And I, having authority, command you to repent, and I speak it boldly though all the world with hell at its back oppose me, for you must become as a fool before God, and come down off your self-erected pedestal and be baptized for a remission of sins and become as a little child to enter into the Kingdom of God. As my beloved Joseph said: "You cannot save great big elders, for they know too much". The reason Dannion saw his former evil works despite his repentance after the first experience, was that his sins had not been remitted through the administrations of a legal administrator ordained after the Holy Order of God, the speech of which you ban on your program. As Joseph also said, "There is no salvation between the two lids of the Bible without a legal administrator."

I also would like to report to you an experience of mine with the occult (re. your program on witchcraft). I do this to inform you, and attempt to correct the tendency among social liberal-elitists, who are so "open-minded", that their brains fall out. I remind you that it is a weighty matter and those who pride themselves on being liberal put no difference between the clean and the unclean, and this is what makes them so offensive, for they foist their views on others in the name of political correctness, at the point of a gun, through legislation against so-called "hate crimes". ("Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows." Psalms 45:7). After I had received the ordinances of the Priesthood, being a lowly PFC at BAMC, Brook Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, August, 1971, I was conversing with my Mycology instructor, Sgt. Nedemauer, when a Master Sergeant interrupted our speech and began to curse the Church, of which I had just become a member (approximately one year after my first vision--Dec. 1969). I have never seen anyone so rude as that Sergeant of the US Army (I do not know his name). I determined that I was going to do something, I did not know what, and I summoned all my courage to speak, when a voice spoke over our heads, of such power that the ground shook and felt as if it would open beneath us. The E-8 snapped to attention (after all he did recognize authority when he heard it!). His eyes widened to a point greater than I have yet beheld any mortal achieve, his mouth also ovaled, and he cried out: "Yes sir!", whereupon he ran off. Sgt. Nedemauer (my Mycology instructor at Ft. Sam) grabbed me by the arm, pulled me into his office, and said, "You have a power, and we can show you how to use it." He explained that he was a member of a coven, and had a book which he prized greatly, and would bring the next day, and for me to take it home and keep it for three days, and then bring it back to him. True to his word, he brought the book the next day. It was a reddish color, and had an orange torch on the front of it. It was very thick, and I broke the spine accidentally while opening it. Needless to say it contained incantations and spells, prayers, etc., and much information concerning the spirit world was correct, however it was inverted. That is to say, the goals urged upon the reader were the opposite, or seemed so, to that contained within holy writ. I inquired of God concerning it and He informed me that it was as sewage running along the side of a street. The exhortation by Isaiah was also made known unto me, " And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, [it is] because [there is] no light in them."

I returned the volume the next day, and he (this sergeant) called me the most narrow-minded person (as all socially-liberal elitists have always done since) he had ever met. Again I say that I have seen real power, and Ufologists have not seen true power, or they would worship also with me the glory unspeakable that I saw. "For where is thy glory, Satan, that I should worship thee? For I have seen the God of glory." Moses on an exceeding high mount.

I laid my hands on the head a former prostitute from Atlanta, at her request, who had repented, and commanded the "oppressive spirits" as she called them to depart in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, and I saw them come out of her. They (perhaps fifty to a hundred) were furious at being forced out, and they scattered as leaves in a wind. Shirley turned to me and said, "I did that with my faith." This is true, though the devils recognized the authority of the Apostleship which I hold.

There was a plan voted upon by all the spirits before birth, with certain attendant ordinances, and legal administrative authority in mortality which authorities beyond the grave which Dannion saw, recognize. Prophets were foreordained. There is a second death, and three heavens, the resurrection to which obviates reincarnation. There are spurious spiritual phenomenae, and if you give yourself over to them, they will lead you carefully along until they may have possession of you for they will deceive you after you are tempted. I leave you with this paraphrase: What doth it profit though a man know all extra-scientific truth, and lose his own soul? Here is real power (from a revelation which I received):

17 For the whole world hath it not been deceived by false science and false religion, that the whole world shall perish because of unbelief concerning the right path which leadeth unto the Eternal Lives, yea back into my presence, saith the Lord?
18 Even so, judge ye, saith the Lord, and ye shall see, even in this day, when mine terrible ones come, who hath power, saith the Lord.
19 For one of these, my little ones, have they not power to defeat without loss of stride, thy armies, O man, in the might of my power which I have given unto them?
20 For they effortlessly move and dart and stand and speak as with thunder, and great glory and light and intelligence and honor, and holiness unto the Lord, and with this irresistible might and power so that the ground, doth it not open up and move, for all things are theirs, and they understand and know all things, and they are Gods, ordained from before the foundation of the world after the Order of the Holy One of Israel, as my warriors, even the Sons of God, saith the Lord?
21 And they are mighty such as the world hath not seen, yea the glory of my legions and the devils and the hosts of hell tremble at their name, even Peter and James and John, Joseph, and Brigham Young, and many others, for they the devils know, O man, and they tremble as should ye, but for thy ignorance and slow stupidity and sloth in the flesh.
22 Yea their bodies, they are filled with brilliant white light, all power and discretion is theirs yea, my little terrible ones, for all things are theirs and they fear nothing and their virility and valiance and mastery of the elements maketh the earth to reel to and fro as a drunken man, for nothing resisteth them.
23 And it is, saith the Lord, that they shall shout a magnificent shout, Holiness to the Lord of Hosts, for glorious is His Holy Name.
24 And they, even my mighty ones, my warriors who be male, for no females shall be among them, saith the Lord, cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance, and thy wickedness, O man, is it not abhorrent unto them, that they cauterize with glorious and zealous vengeance, even the earth upon which thou standest?
25 For this has been done also upon other worlds formed in the might of my power, saith the Lord, even Eloheim, that death and hell and the wicked shall be defeated forever as with a resounding clap of thunder, that shall resound throughout eternity in the victory thereof?
26 For it is, saith the Lord, that the war fought against evil in the heavens, before the foundation of the world, in the which Lucifer and his hosts were cast out, shall be re-fought upon thy earth O man, when it is that my legions who make ready to come at thee, O earth and hell, and are loosed by me, the Father of Heaven and earth.
27 And Lucifer shall be bound for a thousand years, that the earth be made free from the shackles of wickedness and darkness and unbelief which bindeth it even now, that my intelligence, is free to expand in the light of truth which knoweth all things, saith the Lord. 28 And the meek shall inherit the earth .


Art Bulla,

Prophet, Seer and Revelator of Israel's God

P.S. I will post this as an open letter to Art Bell on my web site at brawleyonline.com/revelations_of_jesus_christ/new.html I, of course, invite you to respond.


Further Evidences:



Spiritualism Common in All Ages

 Journal of Discourses, Vol.2, Pg.63 - Pg.64, Orson Hyde, October 8, 1854

There are many in the last days, who believe in Spirit Rapping, and in such kind of angels that have no mouth to speak. The angels that visited the servants of God had mouths, and they spoke! Suppose you were to ask me a question, and I have intelligence and a mouth to communicate but, instead of speaking to you, I set the table to jumping, or kick over the chairs and the bureaus, &c. What would you know about it? You would know the devil was to pay; you would know there was a total absence of good feeling and intelligence. Man was created in the image of God, and the holy angels that surround His throne, the flaming messengers to bear His will to man, are in His image and likeness. Even the servants of God in the days of old, when they saw one of those celestial spirits, began to bow down and worship him, as though he were the God who created the heavens and the earth; but they were commanded to worship God. There he was, standing in the image of his Maker, and the Prophet mistook him for the Lord. These angels are in the likeness and image of God, and men are also in His image. I believe, if God gave me a message to deliver to the people, and I did not deliver it in the legitimate way, He would close my mouth because I would not give it in the way he gave it to me. Spirit Rappers, below par!

Journal of Discourses, Vol.2, Pg.63 - Pg.64, Orson Hyde, October 8, 1854

"What is the matter?" "There has some dreadful thing taken place." "What is it?" "We cannot tell you any thing about it, only there is a wonderful ado--a wonderful thing has happened in the land of Ham." I tell you, those who reject the truth borne to them by the servants of God, who speak to them in plainness, will be acquainted with muttering spirits that know nothing for their good: for, "for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believe not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." When people reject the truth they become the plaything of wild delusive spirits, and are tossed to and fro by them like a bubble on the wave. True messengers of God do not come in this way; but says the world--"Angels came in olden times, but do not come now to earth any more; they have gone to heaven, and there is nothing more for them to do here." I can speak to the servant of a king when I cannot speak to the king himself. I could approach the lower orders of his subjects when I might not approach the higher circle. If men reject the administration of angels, and will not believe in their existence, nor regard their words, I do not know how they will ever obtain access to the king. If they will not acknowledge his ministers, I do not know how they are going to speak to the king himself.

The Elders of Israel were prepared to meet the priests on this ground, and they prevailed over the devil, for those who believed the Bible saw that they had to believe in new revelation, and the devil had to give up that point.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.3, Pg.158, Brigham Young, May 6, 1855

What next? When the world would believe in new revelation, the devil commenced to give them his revelations by spirit rapping, and by every kind of necromancy that he could induce the people to believe. He had to resort to a new method for deceiving mankind, for the old plan did not entirely succeed against the revelation of the truth, the sending of angels, and the causing the hearts of the people to be filled with the light of eternity.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.3, Pg.158, Brigham Young, May 6, 1855

I recollect meeting some priests; and taking them on their own grounds. They believed that the Bible had a literal meaning, and that if it was literally carried out in the lives of the people, the same gifts and blessings would be produced as anciently. They cited revelation after revelation given in ancient days, and quoted miracle after miracle. I said, "Suppose now that I am an infidel, how do your miracles look to me? Do not you own creed and your own views teach you all the time that a poor miserable witch, called the witch of Endor, had power to raise the Prophet Samuel from the dead? Was that done by the power of your God that you are speaking about?" "O, no." "What proof have you that she was not as good a woman as ever lived, and had as much power as any in her day? Your own Bible teaches you that Samuel was a Prophet of God, and that she had power to raise him from the dead; then, why don't you worship her as a great saint?" They left the question and turned to Moses, who had access to all the learning of Egypt; "and when Pharaoh had called in his wise men;, his astrologers and soothsayers," said I, "Moses was a little smarter than the rest of those Egyptians, and all you can say about it is, that he had a few keys which led him a little ahead of the astrologers of Egypt; but they were on the course of miracle working, and you have no evidence to prove to the contrary. You say that Moses was a Prophet of God, and that he led a people out of the land of Egypt. But Pharaoh's soothsayers could turn the water to blood, &c., and when they threw their canes on the floor they became serpents; now, because Moses' cane or serpent swallowed up theirs, you naturally give him the preference. True, this indicates that he was a little the smartest man, and that he had a few more keys than those had who were around Pharaoh. Have you any argument to prove more than that? Take your Bible and produce one if you can." They were compelled to abandon that point.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.3, Pg.158 - Pg.159, Brigham Young, May 6, 1855

Had a man who did not know Moses, nor Pharaoh's wise men--one destitute of revelation and of a knowledge of heavenly things--one who knew nothing about God, devils, angels, nor their power; nothing about good or bad principles--stepped in and seen those miracles wrought, do you not perceive that he could not have told which was from a good or which was from an evil source? He could not have judged the matter upon any worldly principle. Moses says to Pharaoh, "Let the children of Israel go." He would not do it. "Then," says Moses, "I will cause frogs to come upon the whole land." Pharaoh replies, "I don't believe it." But up they came. He calls for his soothsayers, astrologers and wise men, and tells them what Moses had done, and asks them what they can do. "We can do just what he has." And sure enough up came the frogs.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.3, Pg.159, Brigham Young, May 6, 1855

Moses next made the dust into lice. Pharaoh calls for his wise men, saying, "What can you do, my friends?" "O, we can do the same." How could a man, woman, nation or people, destitute of the spirit of revelation, discern and determine which were right, Moses or the wise men of Egypt? They could not.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.3, Pg.159, Brigham Young, May 6, 1855

Hence, you comprehend that every principle set forth in our holy religion--every part of the religious experience which we have obtained on the earth, proves the necessity there is for all Saints to live their religion, that the Lord may reveal unto them, from time to time, His will concerning them. Then you would not be troubled about crickets, nor about grasshoppers, rain, drouth, nor anything else; but you would inquire what the Lord requires of you, and how He wishes you to do His will on the earth. Pay attention to what the Lord requires of you and let the balance go. He will take care of that if you will acknowledge His hand in all things. Then you will rejoice that your names are written in heaven--that you have the privilege of being able to discern between the right and wrong, to recognize the goings forth of the Lord, and that you can perceive His handy work among the people and His footsteps among the nations; how He pulls down one kingdom here and raises another there, and turns and overturns in the earth according to His good pleasure and men cannot help it, and the people know it not--they understand not.

Let the spirit world peep, and rap, and rap, and rap again. We know you not. Depart, ye workers of iniquity, and get out of the way, and stop your peeping and rapping.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.5, Pg.28, Heber C. Kimball, July 12, 1857

This is the kingdom of God. You talk about building up the kingdom of God; but how can you build up the kingdom of God, except you build up the king and his officers? We are to become kings and priests unto our God, in accordance with the revelations given to the Apostle John. Our lives are a preparatory work to fit us to receive that authority and power; and when we have got that, we will raise up a kingdom. You cannot raise up a kingdom any greater than yourselves. And if you have not attended to these things, you cannot raise up a kingdom that will bring about the purposes of the Almighty.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.38, Orson Pratt, January 2, 1859

But may not the Devil perform miracles? Satan was to come with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish, because they had pleasure in unrighteousness. "Now, how do you know but these are some of the strong delusions?"

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.38, Orson Pratt, January 2, 1859

But prove to us that we have had pleasure in anything contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ--that this people have not obeyed the Scriptures of eternal truth. Those signs that were to come, and these living wonders, &c., were to be practised by individuals that had pleasure in unrighteousness and who rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ--they were to go forth like the magicians in the days of Moses to withstand the power of Moses. We see them on one hand turning the water to blood, and Moses doing the same; in short, Moses performed numerous miracles (by the power of God), and the magicians did the same. How are we to distinguish between the two? Moses believed and obeyed the words of the Most High God, and the magicians were fighting against him, and yet they did miracles--not in the name of God, but by their enchantments; and so it is with all wicked miracle-workers from their day down to the second coming of Christ: they perform their lying wonders by the power of Satan--by the means of somnambulism, spirit-rapping, spirit-writing, or whatever it may be. But when people repent, and are baptized, and perform miracles in the name of the Lord, such miracles are designed to profit and benefit mankind--such as laying hands on the sick that they may be healed, speaking and interpreting tongues; hence you may know them to be of God: therefore it is easily to be distinguished which of the two powers should be received, and which should be rejected.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.38, Orson Pratt, January 2, 1859

May God bless all those who love the truth, whether Jew or Gentile, bond or free,--whether it be those who have received the Gospel and Book of Mormon, or those who are inquiring to know concerning its truth. If they desire to know the truth, may the God of heaven, who has sent forth his angel and confirmed the truth unto many, pour out his Holy Spirit upon them, and enlighten their minds, inasmuch as they go before God with an honest heart, that they may know, as the Latter-day Saints know, that this work is a message from the Almighty, to be proclaimed to every nation, kindred, and people upon the face of the whole earth. And when they know from God that this work is true, they will not be tossed to-and-fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, but they will be built upon a foundation upon which they can rest secure. Though the whirlwinds of persecution may beat upon them--though they may be hated, derided, and suffer the loss of all things, time after time,--though they may be driven to-and-fro, and scattered from city to city, and from synagogue to synagogue, and their Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles be put to death, yet, with all this distress and poverty brought upon them by being robbed and plundered of their lawful possessions, and with all the injury they may sustain from year to year, they will have something in the midst of it all that will give them joy, peace, and happiness; and that something is a KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH,--not merely a faith that the foundation on which they are built is of God, but a knowledge that they are established upon a rock that cannot be moved, which is a firm as the throne of Jehovah, and as secure as the eternal attributes of the Almighty.

This people are familiar with very many principles pertaining to eternal life; and I will ask you what principle that will endure--what that is valuable in life is there, so far as you have learned, and what is there in life which you know, have known, can learn, or that exists, that "Mormonism" has not given to you? "Mormonism," or, in other words, the Gospel of salvation, embraces the whole. It incorporates every true principle there is in heaven and on earth. If a person learns a truth, he learns so much of the Gospel of salvation. And when he learns that, he wants to understand the bearings of the great plan. He wants to understand--I will not say the extent of it, because he cannot do so, but as much thereof as his ability can comprehend, and to discern that the Gospel of salvation, the eternal Priesthood of the Son of God, is the life that is, that was, and that is to come,--eternal life. Those principles are given to the children of men to practise upon, that in so doing they may come up and inherit eternal life. This is for us to learn, treasure up in our hearts, and practise. Do not seek for that which you cannot magnify, but practise upon that which you have in your possession.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.239, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

I know very well that, whether we are active or not, the invisible spirits are active. And every person who desires and strives to be a Saint is closely watched by fallen spirits that came here when Lucifer fell, and by the spirits of wicked persons who have been here in tabernacles and departed from them, but who are still under the control of the prince of the power of the air. Those spirits are never idle; they are watching every person who wishes to do right, and are continually prompting them to do wrong. This makes it necessary for us to be continually on our guard--makes this probation a continual warfare. We do not expect to be idle. The individual that obtains a celestial kingdom will never be idle in the flesh. It is a spiritual warfare. He contends against the spirits of darkness and against the workers of iniquity, and wars all the day long against his own passions that pertain to fallen man. It is therefore necessary that the people speak often one with another, encourage each other in every good word and work, sustain every one in every good act, operate against every evil act, and continue so to do through life.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.239, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

Some, who understand more or less of the principles of the Gospel, appear to be a trifle discouraged. Such do not think more of the life to come than they do of the present life. When the breath leaves the body, your life has not become extinct; your life is still in existence. And when you are in the spirit world, everything there will appear as natural as things now do. Spirits will be familiar with spirits in the spirit world--will converse, behold, and exercise every variety of communication one with another as familiarly and naturally as while here in tabernacles. There, as here, all things will be natural, and you will understand them as you now understand natural things. You will there see that those spirits we are speaking of are active: they sleep not. And you will learn that they are striving with all their might--labouring and toiling diligently as any individual would to accomplish an act in this world--to destroy the children of men.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.239 - Pg.240, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

Pertaining to the present state of the world, you know what evil spirits are doing. They are visiting the human family with various manifestations. I told the people, years and years ago, that the Lord wished them to believe in revelation; and that if they did not believe what he had revealed, he would let the Devil make them believe in revelation. Do you not think that the Devil is making them believe in revelation? What is called spirit-rapping, spirit-knocking, and so forth, is produced by the spirits that the Lord has suffered to communicate to people on the earth, and make them believe in revelation. There are many who do not believe this; but I believe it, and have from the beginning.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.240, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

If true principles are revealed from heaven to men, and if there are angels, and there is a possibility of their communicating to the human family, always look for an opposite power, and evil power, to give manifestations also: look out for the counterfeit.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.240, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

There is evil in the world, and there is also good. Was there ever a counterfeit without a true coin? No. Is there communication from God? Yes. From holy angels? Yes; and we have been proclaiming these facts during nearly thirty years. Are there any communications from evil spirits? Yes; and the Devil is making the people believe very strongly in revelations from the spirit world. This is called spiritualism, and it is said that thousands of spirits declare that "Mormonism" is true; but what do that class of spirits know more than mortals? Perhaps a little more in some particulars than is known here, but it is only a little more. They are subject in the spirit world to the same powers they were subject to here.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.240, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

If we live faithful to the doctrine and faith of the holy Gospel we have embraced, we shall understand the real benefit and advantage that we will have over those who are not in possession of the true principles of salvation or the Priesthood. If we are faithful to our religion, when we go into the spirit world, the fallen spirits--Lucifer and the third part of the heavenly hosts that came with him, and the spirits of wicked men who have dwelt upon this earth, the whole of them combined will have no influence over our spirits. Is not that an advantage? Yes. All the rest of the children of men are more or less subject to them, and they are subject to them as they were while here in the flesh.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.240, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

If we conquer here and overcome in the Gospel, in the spirit world our spirits will be above the power of evil spirits. Not that we can so overcome, while here, as to be free from death; for though Jesus overcame, yet his body was slain.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.240, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

Every person possessing the principle of eternal life should look upon his body as of the earth earthy. Our bodies must return to their mother earth. True, to most people it is a wretched thought that our spirits must, for a longer or shorter period, be separated from our bodies, and thousands and millions have been subject to this affliction throughout their lives. If they understood the design of this probation and the true principles of eternal life, it is but a small matter for the body to suffer and die.

Journal of Discourses, Vol.7, Pg.240 - Pg.241, Brigham Young, September 1, 1859

When death is past, the power of Satan has no more influence over a faithful individual: that spirit is free, and can command the power of Satan. The penalty demanded by the fall has been fully paid; all is accomplished pertaining to it, when the tabernacle of a faithful person is returned to the earth. All that was lost is passed away, and that person will again receive his body. When he is in the spirit world, he is free from those contaminating and condemning influences of Satan that we are now subject to. Here our bodies are subject to being killed by our enemies--our names to being cast out as evil. We are persecuted, hated, not beloved; though I presume that we are as much beloved here as the spirits of the Saints are in the spirit world by those spirits who hate righteousness. It is the same warfare, but we will have power over them. Those who have passed through the vail have power over the evil spirits to command, and they must obey.

Can I not use my judgment in doing well just as much as in doing evil? Am I not just as independent in performing a deed of charity as a deed of cruelty? I contend that I am, what do you say? Have I not got my liberty just as much, and exercise it just as freely, in feeding the poor and clothing the naked as I have in turning them out of doors, or in lifting myself up against God and his anointed? Has a man got to apostatize from this kingdom, from the faith of Christ, to be independent? Am I not as independent in believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as I am in denying him? Am I not as independent in believing the Gospel as I am in believing in the whisperings and mutterings of these spirits that are floating through the air, rapping at everybody's door, sometimes tearing the clothes off their beds, rapping, thundering and telling this, that and the other? You hearken to that still small voice that whispers eternal truth, that opens the visions of eternity to you that you can discern, understand and follow, and the foul spirits that throng the air, and that fill our houses if we let them in, will not have power over you.

In the year eighteen hundred and forty-eight, in New York, where the Gospel took rise in these last days, lived a family by the name of Fox. The members of this family discovered mysterious rappings in their house, and after a time, they succeeded in establishing an understanding between the knocking and themselves. After trying to solve the mystery for some length of time, one of the elder daughters said to the rapping, "do as I do," and she observed for every knnock that she gave, she received a response. Then, going through the motion of snapping her fingers, to her surprise the knocking responded to that, so that the cause of the rapping could see as well as rap. In answer to the question of how old she was, she received a reply by so many knockes. The question of how many children were in the family, was answered in the same way, the answer being correct in all instances. These means of communication started in that way, and thus modern spiritualism sprang into existence.

Collected Discourses, Vol.3, B. H. Roberts, June 5, 1892

Men then, outside of the church, have discovered that there are spiritual agencies, and that they have the power of communicating with them. I do not call this in question. I grant you there is much fraud, much deception, connected with spiritualism, as there is much fraud and deception thrown around all facts of this character. But I believe there is a force in it, for I believe that men have the power of cummunication with the unseen world through that channel, and they perhaps receive replies to messages sent there. But shall the Latter-day Saints run after those who dabble in those things? If they do, would they not be reproved by the word of one of the ancient prophets, who said: "And when they say unto you, seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep and mutter, should not a people seek unto their God for the living to hear from the dead?"

Now, it was a new thing in the earth. It startled Christendom. Up to that time no one had pretended to say--at least very few--that there was not all necessary authority on the earth. The religious world looked to the Bible. They asserted that it contained the entire word of God. Nothing more was necessary. God had completed the canon of scripture. There would be no more revelation from Him. Everything had been given that was necessary for man's salvation. And the inference was that God, having done this, had retired from any active participation in the affairs of the earth, and had left the whole business to men. Therefore, it was a startling declaration to have anyone say that God himself, accompanied by His Son Jesus Christ, had revealed himself to man once more; and equally startling was the statement that angels had come, and that the authority of the Priesthood had been restored again to the earth. These were astounding declarations to the great bulk of the people. Of course, there were honest souls who rejoiced at this proclamation. They had been searching for the truth. Dissatisfied with the existing order of things, they were yearning for the restoration of that power, and were anxious to find men who held and exercised it. Therefore, their hearts were gladdened by the intelligence that God had spoken. It was almost too good to believe. But they investigated it. They prayed unto the Father about it. The result was, they received testimonies concerning it, and embraced the Gospel. But at that day--sixty-four years ago--there were very few men in Christendom who dared to say that God would speak from the heavens, or who believed that such a thing was possible. Revelation from God was a thing of the past. It belonged to ages anterior to this. The ministers of religion contented themselves by making these statements.

Collected Discourses, Vol.3, George Q. Cannon, October 8th, 1893

How was this new declaration received? Let me call your attention to this. During the first persecution against the Saints of God in Jackson County, one of the main charges made by the mob was that Joseph Smith was accepted by the "Mormons" as a prophet, and that they believed in revelation from God. It was about as strong an appeal as could be made to the prejudices of the age, to arouse intense hostility against the people. This shows how the people felt at that time. But I heard Joseph Smith predict that the day would come when there would be false spirits go forth among the children of men, and that they would deceive them. I remember on one occasion his speaking about the false prophet that should call down fire from heaven, and he warned the people in the most impressive and solemn manner against being deceived by these works that should be wrought to deceive the children of men. It was only two years after his death that spirit-rapping commenced in Rochester, New York. We had been driven out here in the wilderness, and we did not know much that was transpiring in the eastern world. But I happened, while on the Sandwich Islands in 1851, to get hold of a book that had been issued by spiritualists, and I was surprised at the manner in which they presented their claims to the public. Arguments that our Elders used they had taken and revamped, so to speak, and adapted them to their ideas. A more deceptive book in the interests of falsehood and false doctrine could not, in my opinion, have been published. And from that day until the present, belief in spiritual agencies and manifestations has spread and increased, until at the present time there is scarcely a person to be found who does not believe that there is something connected with man that he can use to bring him into close and intimate relation with the spirit world. Since that day there has been a wonderful stride taken in this direction. The world has been progressing--if that can be called progress--in a most remarkable manner. Theories that prevailed when the Gospel was revealed and the Priesthood of the Son of God was restored have been discarded, and today the popular magazines are filled with communications concerning these occult powers that are being brought to light. Talk to men about dreams and visions and spiritual manifestations, and they admit that such things are possible; but they cannot explain them.

Collected Discourses, Vol.3, George Q. Cannon, October 8th, 1893

This is one of the results that followed the revelation of the Gospel and the bestowal of the authority of the Holy Priesthood. The doctrines taught by the Elders have had their effect. They have been received, to a greater or less extent, in the world, without the source from which they came being acknowledged. I hear that there are advocates of what is called Christian Science in our midst. I hear that they creep into our houses and lead silly women astray by telling them of wonderful things that can be done by means of Christian Science. A few days ago a father came to me and told me about two of his daughters, one of whom had been afflicted and had been told by some of these persons how she might be cured. Now, that is a comparatively new doctrine in the world. It was not heard of until the Church of Christ was organized. We taught this, and were persecuted for teaching it. Every kind of obloquoy was thrust upon us, because we believed that there was a power which God would give to those who obeyed His commandments, that would result in the healing of the sick, the casting out of devils, and other miraculous things. But a great change has come over men. Satan has been busy. Men say, as the Book of Mormon says they would in the last days, that there is no hell, and no devil. Satan is whispering this into the ears of the children of men; and today there are thousands of people who do not believe that there is any hell, or any personal devil. Nevertheless, there is a personal devil, just as sure as there is a personal God. He has not a tabernacle; but he is a living entity, and he is endeavoring to destroy the work of God by producing imitations of it and showing unto the inhabitants of the earth that they can obtain power without obeying the laws of God. Wherever spiritualism has a foothold, faith in God decreases. Whenever you see a Latter-day Saint begin to dabble in spiritualism, you will find that he begins to doubt the atonement of the Savior and the redemption wrought out by the shedding of His blood, and the doctrine of the resurrection of the body. These are signs that accompany spiritualism. Satan is laboring with all his might to lead men and women to these conclusions, binding them in chains of darkness and leading them down to everlasting destruction. It is the same with Christian Science, whose doctrines are being insidiously spread throughout the country. They are publishing books and circulating them gratuitously and endeavoring to undermine the faith of the people in the ordinances of the Gospel and in the words of Jesus contained in the New Testament. They tell the sick not to believe they are sick, to exercise their will power, and to consider sickness as imaginary; and we are told they are doing mighty works in healing the people. I would not be surprised at that, because I know that Satan is almost capable of deceiving the very elect. I believe that Satan can make himself appear to those who cannot discern, as an angel of light; and if he has that power, he has power also to deceive men and women in the flesh by performing mighty works. Was not this done in the days of Moses? Was not Pharaoh's heart hardened by the works of the magicians? He did not believe that Moses and Aaron were servants of God, but that they had a little more skill perhaps than his magicians had. So it is now. Satan is capable of deceiving the people.

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