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The Lord's Anointed?

Richard Lewis
President, Church of Christ
2136 No. Main St.
Cedar City, Utah 84720-9788

To Scattered Israel, Presidents and Members:


  My communication to you is in regard to this one important question in light of the commandment by the Saviour:  "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you":  why the silence in regard to  the Lord's Anointed:  who and what is he?  As Latter-Day-Saints we are taught that the ultimate authority and power of the Kingdom of God on earth, rests with the President of the Church.  Yet the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, teachings of the early Mormon leaders and Mormon history itself all indicate, without question, a contradictory story.  Whether this error is intentional (possibly in an effort to avoid confusion among the laity?) or whether church leaders are in fact ignorant of the truth, remains a mystery to me.   Suffice it to say that I have presented my case to various members of high Mormon councils, and in doing so I have been victorious: they, in the end, being forced to admit their error and submit to the Truth:  that the ultimate power and authority of the Kingdom of God on earth rests in the office known as The Lord's Anointed.

Of course the Priesthood came first.  Joseph Smith was ordained to the office of an Apostle, in the Melchizedec Priesthood, and he held that office independent of any man or group of men on the earth, just as do Peter, James and John who ordained him, for he was and is also one of the gods, even the sons of God on High, is he not?   But I digress, as this is a subject deserving much attention also, which I am not prepared to do here.  The point is, to subject the Eternal Priesthood to the whim and vagary of the Common Council of the Church, is an abomination in my sight, saith the Lord.   Therefor the Priesthood must function and exist independent of any earthly body which is fallible and easily mislead and which can be corrected by this superior office in the Priesthood by revelation.  His (Joseph's) priesthood had a life of its own, subservient only to God. Hence most of the Lord’s anointed have been slain, for the Priesthood will not bow to any earthly power.  But it was through the authority of this priesthood that Joseph, being commanded by God, was able to establish the Church among men.

  If this topic were not of such importance, I would leave it alone.    But it seems to me that our exaltation may be determined by an understanding of this simple, yet widely misunderstood doctrine.  To help establish my case, let us consider the difference between the Priesthood and the Church.

The Priesthood is a power that can be conferred, yet is inseparable from the heavens.2 If we are worthy of our priesthood, regardless of membership in any church, then the heavens will honor the same. Yet if we are not worthy of our priesthood regardless of membership in any church, then the heavens will not honor the same. 3

The Church is a vehicle of the priesthood and is free to do the will of God, or free not to. The Church may choose to sustain whomsoever they will to preside over them.4 True. it is the duty of the Priesthood to nominate presiding officers, but the body of the Church has the final say. If the Church chooses to go contrary to the will of God as revealed through the Priesthood, they cease to be the people of God and they must go to destruction.5 God will not force the human mind, though he could lead the wicked to a river that they all drown, if he chose, I suppose.6

There is a separation between Church and Priesthood. They can be compared to a computer and the electricity needed to give power to the computer. The Priesthood is that power, but there are other devices, if you will, in the Kingdom of God, just as there are other "peripherals" in a computer system.

Now let us proceed to the weightier matter of the topic. Though there are many examples that I can resort to, I prefer the case of Mosiah (the Lord’s Anointed)7 and Alma, a prophet it is true, who was chosen by Mosiah and by revelation from God and sustained by the people to preside over the Church.Mosiah, being the legal administrator over the Kingdom of God by virtue of his power and Priesthood conferred the necessary power and authority to Alma as President of the Church (the Office of High Priest). Another example of the Lord’s anointed is Samuel, who received revelation for both the ecclesiastical and secular arms of government. Samuel, as the Lord’s Anointed actually anointed the Kings of Israel, while the Levitical Priesthood was handed down in regular succession by lineage. These examples show that the Lord’s Anointed establishes the whole of the Kingdom of God, not just the Church of Christ. The Lord’s Anointed, therefor holds his power, dominion and authority independent of the Common Council of any Church9 or even the voice of the people in a democracy. In fact according to Brigham Young, there will be many different Churches, the Methodist, the Presbyterian, for example, within the Kingdom of God, and they will have freedom to believe and practice their beliefs untrammeled by persecution and bigotry, protected by the Kingdom of God, though their ordinances will obviously not be recognized by the Lord as is correctly taught today by the Latter-Day-Saints. The people who have the truth are not afraid of any false doctrine. Secure in the knowledge that God is with them, they can afford to let false doctrine have the freedom of action guaranteed to every person under heaven. These are principles of righteous government. So the Lord’s Anointed must and does hold the Keys of the Kingdom of God independent of the voice of the people.10 Who may disannul with impunity the dictates of God? With the Lord’s Anointed must rest the sealing power, not the President of the Church (see D&C 132:7). For there is but one on the earth at a time, and this One is he of whom I represent. He must be at the head of the vine and nourishment to the branches must flow from the head of the vine, otherwise things are turned upside down, and contractual covenants recognized by heaven must proceed and flow from this office in the Priesthood to the various branches, whether secular or ecclesiastical.

It is true that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and John Taylor held both the office of the Lord’s Anointed (as they were chosen and ordained of God) and the office of President of the Church (as they were nominated by God and sustained by the people). But these cases are not universal. The modern Mormon leaders have never claimed that the President of the Church encompasses the Lord’s Anointed. If they have they are in error. For Joseph, while still alive in Nauvoo nominated his Brother Hyrum to be the President of the Church! The people, however, rejected this nomination and retained Joseph, though he was too busy organizing the Council of Fifty and sealing and anointing the Kingdom of God, with washings and anointing to be Priests and Kings forever, outside of the consent or even the knowledge of the Church at that time. So the sealing power rests with the Lord’s Anointed and not with the Church. The Church prepares men to enter into the Kingdom of God with the ordinances of the House of God. This, gentlemen, is the proper order and any teaching conflicting with the same is of the devil or of man, I say in the name of the Lord.

In fact, the Mormon leaders are silent altogether on this necessary and important office! And even worse, they are misleading when they teach that all of the authority of the Kingdom of God on earth rests with the President of the Church. Consider the structure of the Kingdom of God.10 The Church is only one element existing within the Kingdom. When the Kingdom is established in its fullness upon the earth, we shall be a sovereign nation, independent of the political, economic and social structures of other nations as before. As is the case with any kingdom, the Kingdom of God shall contain its own independent political body (The Council of 50), economy (United Order), social structure (Plural Marriage), and Church. It is the duty of the Lord’s Anointed to preside over each and every aspect of this Kingdom and to appoint by revelation from his Head, the God of Israel, competent men to preside as brethren over the various departments. One of these departments is the Church, saith the Lord.

Therefor the Church is not the final authority in the Kingdom of God. It is only one branch of the Kingdom as you can plainly see, if you are not blinded by the cunning craftiness of men, wherein they lie in wait to deceive. For if you are thus blinded saith the Lord, you are not valiant, and shall receive the Terrestrial Kingdom as your reward. Therefor the President of my Church, saith the Lord, shall abide within the boundaries of the calling unto which he is appointed, or he, along with the body of the Church, must be cut off the vine and perish in Babylon.11 The Kingdom of God, however, will continue in all the world, doing the will of God as revealed to the Priesthood, which can and does function independent of any church, saith the Lord.

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