What about Authority?

Jesus. Christ

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Restoration of the Melchizedec Priesthood to the earth in August, 1829.

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Moses Conferring Priesthood of Aaron upon his older brother, Aaron

"No man taketh this honor unto himself, except he is called and ordained as was Aaron" Epistle to the Hebrews

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And no Man (not even Pat Robertson, the Pope, or Billy Graham,
 saith the Lord) taketh this honor unto himself except he is called
and ordained as was Aaron.  Hebrews 5:4
The rest are cast out as thieves and robbers.

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Rex Pinegar in 1974

"Foxes have holes, birds have nests, but theSon of man hath not where to lay his head."

About author

The summer of 96, I came

home after performing two baptisms finding my tent and

possessions in a smoldering ruin after a fire of unknown origin.

I communicated with my Father often

during this period, who provided me assistance. The following is

a letter I wrote to my Father, in answer to his question "If

you have more sincere or greater knowledge of Jesus

Christ...please explain and be tolerant of me as a spirit willing

to learn." My father, before my birth, had prayed that a

servant of the Lord should be born unto him. I was dedicated when

an infant into the service of the Lord by my parents. My first vision,

however, ocurred when I was twenty-one years of age. I am a

mechanical engineer by training, however I received commandment

from the God of Israel, not to build up a gentile city or nation,

because no attention is paid to the prophesying of the prophets

anciently or modern, and it is full of violence. Therefore I was

commanded not to lay out another dollar or do another day's work

to build up such a system. Therefore I have lived on the

periphery, forced into living in a tent in the Rocky Mountains

for eight years, receiving revelations, sometimes two or three a

week, while being judged a failure and insane by those who judge

perhaps by appearance and not the Spirit of God, for no man

knoweth the things of God, but by the Spirit of God, saith the

Lord. This is included because it contains biographical data

which may be of interest to the reader.

Dear Dad,

I received your letter and am now comfortably ensconced adjacent

to a small settlement...13 Km south of...(in

Mexico on the Sea of Cortez). A baptist

minister with whom I have become friends invited me to take up

temporary residence at, or in a two-story structure which he

owns. It is prominent--overlooking the ocean on one side and

commanding a broad view of the beautiful desert on the other. The

trailer is under a spreading tree providing luxurious shade for

the dogs and I...the breeze is fabulous, the coyotes yelp at

night and the stars, I have never seen so bright. Three weeks ago

I had to kill a sidewinder near the flatbed as it threatened

Daphnie, one of my dogs...In the scratched out portion of your

letter you state: "If you have more sincere or greater

knowledge of Jesus Christ...please explain and be tolerant of me

as a spirit willing to learn." I am an Apostle. I was caught

up as Paul and saw and spoke with him (God) face to face and was

converted by the power which I saw. Whether in the body or out of

the body I could not tell (God knoweth), such an one caught up to

the third heaven where he saw and heard unutterable things. A

voice spoke over my head shaking the ground upon which two

sargents and I stood at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas in 1971. I saw the

devils (about one hundred) leave Shirley D's body after I

commanded them to depart. I have received two hundred written

revelations published in several volumes. I am filled with peace

and comfort every day as I try to be obedient to Him whom I have

seen...I know Joseph and Brigham hold the keys of this

dispensation. I am the one spoken of in D&C85:1-7, Isaiah 28,

Isaiah 52, Romans 15, Isaiah 11, 3Nephi 22 and many other places.

This calling is known as the One Mighty and Strong. I testify to

the truth of these things, and I know my testimony comes from

God. Joseph and Brigham knew there would be one who would be

rejected of men as Jesus, who would also hold the keys of the

Kingdom of God by lineage and by right. Paul knew of him (direct

descendant of David from a branch planted and hidden from the

world and also the Church in Christ.) These are latter-day

events. Therefore I am patient and calm, praying Father, thy will

be done...

This nation will continue to decline, for there is a consumption

decreed upon the nations, saith the Lord. Jesus is the stem

spoken of (in Isaiah 11), but otheres are the Rod and the Root of

Jesse (father of King David) spoken of in Romans 15 and Isaiah

11. Joseph, Brigham and myself are striving for the national and

individual salvation of Ephraim and Manessah his brother. The

tribe of Ephraim (one of the Twelve Tribes of the House of

israel) was scattered into Europe in 800 B.C., but gathered back

out here on the American continent, known anciently as the Land

of Joseph (the coat of many colors Joseph). The culture of the

gentiles in Babylon and their religions are an abomination in the

sight of Israel's God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...God

has a medium or appointment which is legal which has been handed

down from ancient times in a regular manner. I now am the holder

of the keys. Jesus is a Priest after this Order (the Holy Order

of God) (see Hebrews 7)and

is the Only Begotten of the Father, but firstborn among many

brethren (see Romans 8:29).

There are others who have survived in modern times. I am he who

should come.

( see discaimer.)


Disclaimer: Inasmuch as the "wicked flee when no one pursueth", and "the world, when rejecting true prophets, always compares them with the basest of men", I continually have had to fear for my liberty, and life, almost daily because of unreasoning fear among the disobedient and rebellious (my not always being able to restrain the Spirit of might) as to my motives, stability and plans, indeed all of the sons of God have been slain and imprisoned at the hands of the wicked because of this fear, the most notable being Jesus the Christ, hung between two thieves, because of his perceived threat to the priestly hegemony of his day. Therefore I declare hereby, that I pose no threat to any individual or government but leave you in the great and terrible hands of Israel's God at the last day for "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, and I will repay". Neither do I harbor any malice or vengeance against any person or group of persons, nor advocate any overthrow of any established order or government, but I reserve the right to fight my battles in the name of Jehovah against all comers, great or small, with truth, diamond truth, which I wield by the pen, as a sword. Having authority, however I command scattered Israel to come out of that whore, Babylon the Great, and build Zion, and the God of Moses will effect the national salvation of the same, in His own good time when you are gathered and ordered according to His almighty will and purpose, and submit to the righteous dominion of his anointed. On a personal note, I am a mechanical engineer by training, but I have been commanded to do none other work than that unto which I was appointed in the Grand Council of the Gods before the world was made, for "behold the lilies of the valley, they toil not, neither do they spin, but Solomon in his glory was not arrayed as one of these" and I am obedient in not building up the kingdom of the devil as you, O ye doctors, ye lawyers, ye journalists, ye scribes, pharisees and hypocrites. A passing comment: It is the height of ignorance and anti-religious biggotry for the United States to bend over backwards to protect the black and murderous race of Cain in the person of O.J. Simpson in his "civil rights" and burn to death forty innocent children at Waco because their parents were "religious fanatics with guns". I recall to your memory that this nation was established by religious fanatics with guns (Ephraim). Woe unto you liberals who are anti-christ, whose motive is to crucify the Lord afresh and put him to an open shame, whose judgment is corrupt and who call good, evil, and evil, good, who put darkness for light and bitter for sweet, saith the Lord, for ye shall enjoy the second death, for ye, saith the Lord have denied the Holy Ghost, for which sin there is no forgiveness in this world, nor in the world to come and shall become angels to a devil in eternity, where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
I, Art Bulla, hereby issue a challenge to debate anyone, believing or unbelieving, scientist, philosophers, and charlatans, to drop your masquerade and come forth into the light and do battle as to matters concerning eternity and those questions of origins and life which so confound the learned. For I have received my wisdom from heaven and is not the sling of David mightier than the sword of Goliath? Your page or mine.


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